We pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive curriculum with quality content to help you and your students in the classroom. 

We frequently get questions like:

  • Who is this content best suited for? 
  • What grade levels is it for? 
  • Will it cover a full year course?

This article will help you to determine whether our curriculum will be a good fit in your classroom.


Intro to Business and Career Readiness
Best grades:

Business&ITCenter21 is most commonly used for fundamental-level classes in computer applications, business education, or career readiness. Teachers use Business&ITCenter21 for full-year and semester-long classes.

We've found the best fit is for teachers with students in grades 6 through 12. There are some elementary teachers and post-secondary programs using it as well. Each student group is different, so there's not a single answer. 

The best way to determine if Business&ITCenter21 is the right fit is to have your students go through some of the lessons. 

If you're looking for some more details on the course catalog and how it can fit into your classroom, take a look here.    


Certification Curriculum Alignments  
Best grades: Post-secondary career & technical education

HealthCenter21 fits best with CTE Health Science courses.

The 70,000+ students learning with HealthCenter21 come from a wide range of grade levels, going from grades 7 through post-secondary.

Most of these courses are semester-long courses, but if your school has year-long courses, HealthCenter21 has more than 900 hours of content. 

Our course catalog shows you the topics we cover. 

If you're still wondering if your students are a good fit for this resource, we're happy to talk with you! Just click the chat button in the lower right corner to get in touch. 

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