HealthCenter21/Business&ITCenter21 already includes quizzes and module tests in the system. That being said, sometimes you might want to target certain areas or go a little more in depth on an assessment. That's where being able to create and customize your own exam comes in handy.  This feature is often used to create midterm and final exams, since it gives you the option of covering multiple modules.

To create a course you can start by...

1. Signing on as a teacher. 

2. Once you have signed in, go to the Courses page. 

3. From there, under the Assignments tab there is a link to Create Exam.

Here you will be able to name the exam, and choose from creating a blank exam (manually enter or create questions) or a random exam (will generate a list of questions for you). Then, you can go ahead and Create the exam. 

The next step, if you chose Create Random is to choose how many questions you would like the exam to have and which module the exam will cover. 

Click the Save button and you have an exam. 

There are two places where Exam customization tools are located after initially creating the exam. The first is the Exam Settings, you have already seen these settings while creating an exam but you can edit them here. The second is the Question Editor. Both of these options are available after clicking on the exam's name under the Assignments tab.

You can get to these settings by...

1. Signing in as a teacher. 

2.  Once signed in you can proceed to the Courses page and go ahead and click on the Assignments tab. 

3. From there you can find and click on the assessment that you created. Then there will and an Exam Settings button.
     NOTE: This is where you will be able to change the name of the assessment if necessary. 

4. If you go back from there, on the Courses page, under the Assignments tab and then in the Assessment again, there is also a Question Editor button.
     NOTE: This allows you to: be able to edit the questions, choose which questions you would like to utilize, and create your own questions. Any of the HealthCenter21/Business&ITCenter21 pool questions with images cannot be edited. 

NOTE: Trial accounts and all the packages except the Business&ITCenter21 starter packages have the create and customize exam features. If you are a teacher who has the Business&ITCenter21 starter package and would like this feature, you might consider upgrading to the the master package when it comes time for you to renew your subscription.

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