Keeping track of grades is time-consuming, at AES, we understand that. So, we wanted to make it easy for teachers to collect their students' grades and add them to their gradebooks. 

To export grades... 

1. If you haven't done so already, sign into your teacher account. Choose the course for which you need grades. Then, you can click on the Grades tab. 

2. Once you have entered the Grades tab, you can export all of the grades at once, or you can choose a module from the Select a Module drop-down to pick a single module. If you choose to view a single module,  you can choose if you would like to view the grades in Points or Percentages. 

Now all that is left to do is to export your students' grades! To do this select the Export to Excel button. When you export, it will be exported into an excel file as a download. From there you can manipulate the grades even further to match your gradebook's format before inputting them. 

NOTE: Once your grades have been exported to Excel, you may be able to import them into your gradebook system. Your school's IT staff should be able to help you set that up if it's possible.

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