Do you still have last semester's classes or even classes from many semesters ago hanging around? 

Let's clean those up by deleting them or resetting them to create a new version of that exact class!

Two ways to stay organized are to Delete unused classes and to Reset classes that plan to teach again but no longer have those students in your classroom.


One way to clean up your account is to delete any courses that you no longer need. Whether you are no longer teaching that class or you decided you don't like the structure you built and want to begin again, it's easy to remove the class.  That way, you're not keeping old classes in your list that you no longer utilize. If a situation later arises that you need that class again, you'll be able to restore it.  

Learn how to delete a class


Another way to prepare for the start of a new semester is to reset any class that you may be teaching again. Although it is possible to remove students from a class one by one, resetting would be the better option. 

When you reset the class, nothing is lost forever. Your current class will be replaced with a copy and the original with student will be added to your deleted items. By using the reset option, you can "recycle" your class. 

Learn how to reset a class

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