Just getting started with your free trial of the AES digital curriculum system?

In this article, you'll discover answers to the most common questions teachers like you ask about the trial.

What's included in the free trial?

AES provides a full-access free trial so you can be sure the curriculum is right for you and your students.

This includes access to all of the materials for planning, teaching, and assessing students according to our four-phase curriculum plan.

How long is the free trial?

The AES free trial is automatically set for 30 days.

Teachers find they can make a decision about whether AES is right for them within the first two weeks of their trial.

Can my trial be extended past 30 days?

We understand that circumstances may arise leading you to ask for an extension on your trial. We’re happy to work with you on a case-by-case basis to determine whether an extension is appropriate.

Why do I need to verify my email address?

In the past, we’ve encountered students who created fake trial accounts to try and access answer keys. We put this verification step into the system to prevent students from cheating.

By verifying your school-issued email address, we can confirm that you are truly a school educator.

How can I update my email address to become verified?

If you initially signed up for a trial with your personal email account, we ask that you change your login credentials to your school-issued email.

Send us a chat to update your email address.

Why does my trial need to be validated?

Even after your email is verified, there’s a second step that helps mitigate the potential for students to cheat.

By reaching out to have your trial validated, you’re opening a line of communication with an AES team member. This allows us to ask a few questions in order to confirm you are a teacher working in a school and not a sneaky student trying to get around the system.

Why should I enroll students in the trial?

The digital curriculum system is designed to be used by both you and your students in a blended learning environment. In order to get the most value out of your trial and to ensure AES is the right fit, we always recommend enrolling your students.

Learn what to expect once your students have access to the system:

Can I download more resources?

The AES free trial includes a limit on the resources you can download and view. This limit prevents the piracy of our copyrighted material from individuals not intending to purchase the curriculum system.

If you enroll your students in the trial, we’re happy to approve additional resource downloads as you work through the purchasing process.

How much will this cost when my trial is over?

Read this article to find out: How Much Does AES Cost After the Trial?

Can I buy a teacher-only option?

The AES digital curriculum is intended to be used as a blended learning resource by both you and your students. Because of this, we don't currently offer a teacher-only option.

Have additional questions about the AES system? Send us a chat!

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