Do we have closed captioning for deaf or hard of hearing students? 

Do we have the curriculum available in other languages? 

These are two common questions that we hear frequently and here are our answers....We do not have the curriculum available in any other language besides English at this time; Although some of the Health lessons do have the closed captioning available, they are not currently consistently available throughout all of the lessons. 

What we do offer, although it's not the "perfect" solution, are transcripts for ALL of our lessons.  The students can use these transcripts to follow along with the narration for hearing impaired, and for ESL (or any other language) students can have them translated with Google translate

The transcripts can be found under the Teacher/Student Resources in the module outlines. 

To find them.... 

1. Begin by signing on as a teacher. 

2. Go to class you need to find transcripts for, and select the Module Title from Assignment Details. 

3. In the Learn and Practice section of the module outline you'll find the lesson transcripts.

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