Do you have a new student joining your class mid-year? Instead of opening enrollment and giving them instructions, you can manually enroll them into your class.

In this article, you'll learn how to manually enroll a brand new student without an existing AES account into a class.

Step 1

Select the Class in which you will enroll the student.

Step 2

From there, select the Students tab.

Then, click Enroll Students on the left-hand menu.

Step 3
Click the Enroll Student button in the Manual Enrollment box.

Step 4

Enter the student's username or email address. This is what they will use to log into AES.

Step 5

Click Next, enter the student's name and create a password for them.

Note: Students are not notified when an account is created for them. You will need to record the credentials to give to the student.

Step 6

Click the Finish button.

Your student is now enrolled and will be listed in your Student Roster!

You can now give your student the credentials you created for them and tell them to login at!

Once your student is enrolled and has logged in, you may need to know how to troubleshoot login issues down the road. Click below to learn more:

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