Do your students have Google accounts associated with your school? If so, the Google SSO integration can help them save them time and save you the hassle of dealing with forgotten passwords for AES!

In this article, you’ll learn how a new student who never used AES before can enroll into AES using Google SSO.

By following these steps, your students’ AES accounts will be automatically created using their Google Classroom login credentials.

Afterward, your students will always use the Sign In With Google option to log into AES.

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How to Enroll New Students Using Google SSO

Step 1

Log into your teacher account at

Step 2

Select the class you plan to enroll new students in.

Step 3

From there, navigate to the Students tab, select Enroll Students from the left-hand menu, and locate the Student Self Enrollment Code:

(Note: Images are a sample and do not contain an actual enrollment code.)

Step 4

Direct your students to and instruct them to click Create New Student Account.

Step 5

Share the Enrollment Code from Step 3 with your students, and ask them to enter it in the Student Enrollment box:

Step 6

Instruct your students to click the Enroll With Google button:

enroll with google button

Your students now have AES accounts and are enrolled in your AES class. You’ll see them listed in the AES class roster from your teacher dashboard.

Moving forward, your students will log into AES by going to and clicking the Sign In With Google button.

Note: In order for the Sign In With Google button to work, your students must be signed into their Google account first.

At this point, you may be wondering how you can make it even easier for your students to access AES.

Click below to learn how you can link to AES from Google Classroom by using a Lite integration:

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