You know all those activities and PowerPoint presentations that you created before you found AES, which you just can't part with? Good News! You can upload them as their own module assignments for your students and you to have easy access to them. (Exception being BIT21 Starter Packages) 

You can start by... 

1. Signing on as a teacher.

2. Once you're signed in, go to the Setup page. 

3. Then on the left hand side of the screen there will be a Custom Content heading, you can go ahead and click on the My Custom Modules link under that heading. 

From there, you can click on the Create New Module

5. It will ask you to name the module, then you can Create it. 

The module will then pop up and you can add your content by clicking Add Resource

Then name your file and click the Browse button to locate the file you would like to upload.
        NOTE:  Please note, you can only upload PDF, PPT, and DOCX files.

8. The next step is to add that module you just created to your courses. Select the course which you would like to add it to on the Courses screen.  

9. Just like when you were creating your course(s), you will need to assign the module to the course.

10. When the Assign Modules list appears, your custom modules with appear at the bottom. Click on the Show My Modules link.

11.  Now, you will click the Add link to add the module to your course.
          NOTE: If you would like your custom module in more than one of your courses, you will have to repeat the process for each course.

12. A check mark will appear when the the module has successfully been added and you will be able to see the custom module has popped up in the assignments list. You now have your own content included in your course!

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