English is a difficult language, even more so for non-English speaking and ESL students. At AES, we understand the struggle for those students and the teachers responsible for them. We wanted to provide a solution, even if it's not perfect. Your students should have the opportunity to reach their full potential!

Here's how...

For HealthCenter21 users who have lessons that look like this: 

(If you have lessons that are in video format, you will follow the same instructions as Business&ITCenter21) 

  1. Sign on, go to the class you need to translate material for, and select the My Class tab. 

2. Click the View As Student link. 

3. Click the module, unit, and then lesson you would like to translate. 

4. Open a second tab in your browser and type https://translate.google.com/ 

5. Set the language to translate from English into the desired language. 

6. You can then return to your tab and copy the content you need to translate, return again to google translate and paste the content into the translator. 

7. Now that you have the content translated you can copy and paste it into a Word document, Google Docs, or other platform so that you can share it with your students.


For Business&ITCenter21/HealthCenter21 users:

1. Sign on as a teacher and select the class you would like to translate materials for. 

2. Go to the Assignments tab, choose the module that you would like to translate. Under Student/Teacher resources, you will find Lesson Transcripts.
       a. Please note that not every module will have transcripts to translate. 

4. You can then translate the transcript in Google Translate and have the student follow along in the lesson using the translated supplement.

*Please Note that Google Translate can vary in accuracy for each translation.

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