Our goal is to create digital curriculum systems that help you and your students achieve success in the classroom.  

Here are the top 10 topics with links that will guide you to success.

1. Explore the Catalog

Review teaching resources and the student lessons without making changes to your existing classes in AES. You can access the Catalog after you create a class.


2. Customize Your Classes

After you have created a class, it’s time to edit the settings to fit your class structure. 


3. Enroll Your Students

Enroll students into your class so they can take advantage of the interactive lessons and assessments. 


4. Manage Student Accounts

Learn four common student account scenarios that can slow student progress, and what to do if it happens to you! 


5. Control Student Access to Assignments, Units, and Assessments

Ensure your students stay on track by adjusting how far ahead they're allowed to work.


6. View Your Students’ Status

View what your students are currently working on, when they are signing in, and more. 


7. Review the Gradebook

Find out how you can get the most out of your gradebook with different display settings. 


8. Create and Copy Custom Assessments

Create a midterm or final exam for your class to see how much your students have learned. 


9. Use Reports to Measure Student Achievement

Use reports to view what your students have accomplished. 


10. Clean Up Your My Classes Tab

Prepare your My Classes tab for the next semester or marking period. 

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