If you use AES year after year, we made it easy to get ready for your next marking period. 

Let's refresh your complete list of classes on the My Classes tab! 

In this article, we'll review:

  • Creating classes
  • Copying classes
  • Resetting classes
  • Deleting classes

Creating Classes

Create any new classes with the New Class button at the top right of your page after logging in.

If you want a full walk-through, here’s how to Create a Class.

Copying Classes

If you're teaching multiple class periods of the same course, you can make a copy. 

Copying a class creates an exact duplicate of all the learning modules and settings you put together in the class. This has a new, unique enrollment code for each copy you make. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to Copy a Class.

Resetting Classes

If you're teaching the same class as last marking period, you can reset your existing class. 

Resetting a class archives it and all the student data in it. You'll get a duplicate class with the same assignments and settings, but with no students enrolled. 

Here's how to Reset a Class

Deleting Classes

Deleting a class keeps your My Classes tab up to date with active classes.

The deleted class moves to your account’s archive, where it is inaccessible to you and students. You can choose to restore it and the student data and grades, if you ever need to reference it.

Here's more on how to Delete a Class.

Now that your class list is updated for the new year,  you are ready to enroll your next group of students.  Click the button below to learn more! 

To continue learning about our system and how to use our curriculum, view Your AES Guide to Success.

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