In this article, you'll learn how to control what your students have access to and when they have access to it.

This article summarizes the following ways teachers control student access:  

  • Open and close modules
  • Open and close units
  • Open and close assessments
  • Reset assessments
  • Use due dates

Open and Close Modules 

When you add Module Assignments to a class, they are open to students by default. This allows students to access and complete the lessons at any time.

To prevent students from working ahead, remove the check marks in the Student Access column on your Assignments tab.

Here’s how to open and close modules.

Open and Close Units

Units are groups of lessons with corresponding resources for teachers and students, within the module.  Each module includes multiple units (with few exceptions). 

Open units allow students to access the unit’s lessons through the student portal. Closed units prevent student access.

Learn how to open and close units.

Open and Close Assessments

Modules also contain assessments like unit quizzes and module tests. 

Many teachers close assessments and re-open them on a specific date so students can take them at the same time.  This method minimizes the potential for cheating, like students sharing test answers.

Learn how to open and close unit quizzes.

Read more detailed information about how to open and close module tests.

Reset an Assessment

If you need to let a student retake an assessment, you can reset the assessment grade to give the student another chance to improve their score.

Learn how to reset an assessment.

Use Due Dates 

Use due dates to set deadlines on modules for your students, making them aware of when the lessons and assessments need to be completed. 

Learn how to set a due date

By default, student access will close automatically after a due date. To allow students to continue working after a due date, you can change this setting within Student Pacing.

Here's how to set a due date action.

Additional automation options are available on the Pacing & Sequencing view. Teachers use them to make sure students know the material before taking assessments. Click the button below to learn more! 


To continue learning about our system and how to use our curriculum, view Your AES Guide to Success.

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