When you need to report on student improvement or engagement, you can use one of these five reports to get the information you need: 

  • Pre/Post Test
  • Export Grades
  • Question Analysis
  • Time Online Report
  • Student Certificates

You can generate reports based on individual modules or whole classes. We’ll start with the Pre/Post Test report.

Pre/Post Test Report

The Pre/Post Test report compares student performance between a module pre-test and a module’s cumulative test. This shows you how a student has improved throughout a module. 

If you have your pre-test setting turned on, you can view the percent difference between the tests for each student under Pre/Post Results on the Grades tab of your class. 

The pre-test setting must be turned on before the student begins the module for this report to function.

Learn more about the Pre-Test feature.

Export Grades 

You can export your students’ grades from AES to a spreadsheet by clicking the Export option on the Grades tab of your class. 

On the spreadsheet, you can edit any column, row, or cell before uploading your students’ grades to your school’s grading system.

Learn how to export your grades.

Question Analysis

The Question Analysis report shows you how students perform on assessment questions in a sortable Excel spreadsheet. 

You can use the report to determine the topics your students understand well and the ones they need to review. 

Learn more about the Question Analysis Report.

Time Online Report 

With the Time Online report, you can track the amount of time your students spend using AES. 

The report updates every day at midnight, and you can export a selected time range of student time online as a spreadsheet. 

This is a great way to track the amount of time your students spend using AES! 

Find out more about the Time Online Report.

Student Certificates 

To give your students a sense of accomplishment, you can generate printable certificates of completion. We see teachers print these certifications to help their students build portfolios! 

Certificates are PDFs that signify a student has successfully completed a module by receiving the required minimum grade for the module average.

The certificates feature the signature of AES President, Jim Shultz, with a separate line for your signature as the teacher. 

Learn more about creating Student Certificates.

To continue learning about our system and how to use our curriculum, view
Your AES Guide to Success.

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