The Resource Center is a comprehensive list of the resources for teachers and administrators, including a full curriculum catalog and helpful course guides.

Access the Resource Center by clicking the tab in the upper right-hand corner of the page.

In this article, you will learn about:

  • Getting Started and Catalog Sections
  • Course and Certifications Guides
  • Curriculum Search


Getting Started and Catalog Sections

Click the Resource Center tab and you’ll land on the Getting Started section. The welcome videos offer guidance on how to begin using our system in your classroom.

The Catalog section shows the curriculum that comes with AES, organized into templates for health science, business, and career readiness.


Course templates make it easy to plan your classes. These are based on popular classes found throughout the country, including healthcare foundations, Microsoft Office, Google applications, and more. Below are two examples of course templates.

Health Science: The Nursing Assistant course template. 

Business/Career Readiness: The Google Applications course template.

Learning Modules

The learning modules in templates are collections of lessons and assessments about a single topic. For example, the Google Collaboration module shown in the screen capture above.

Clicking on the name of a learning module opens all the included teacher resources, such as lessons plans, PowerPoints, worksheets, and more. These resources are supplemental to the interactive lessons for your students! 

Every module is created based on the 4 phases of learning: Explore, Learn & Practice, Reflect, and Reinforce phases. Each phase will have its own set of teacher and student resources.

Learn more about our 4 phases of learning.      


Course and Certification Guides

Detailed guides are included in all our templates. 

Course Guides include a general course overview, list recommended materials, sum up the estimated curriculum hours, and more.

Certification Guides
offer an in-depth crosswalk showing how learning modules align with certification requirements. 

Certification guides also show you where you may need to add supplemental resources to meet the certification requirements. 

Curriculum Search 

If you can’t find the module you need for a class, use the search bar to find it. Just click in the search bar in the left-hand menu and type what you’d like to find, for example, “vital signs.”

Search results are organized by learning module and template. You’ll also find a list of teacher resources related to your search terms. 

The Resource Center is regularly updated, so you will always have access to the latest information to successfully plan your classes.
To continue learning about our system and how to use our curriculum, view Your AES Guide to Success

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