The gradebook shows you all the grade information for the students in a class.

In this article, you’ll learn about the gradebook’s:

  • Grade Display
  • Grade Calculation
  • Worksheet Display
  • Quiz Grade Calculation

Grade Display

You can choose to view grades as points or percentages under grade display.

Whether you use points or percentages, this setting changes all other display options within your gradebook.

The first grade to the right of a student’s name is their class average. Under each module title is the average grade of all assessments in the module.



Grade Calculation

The grade directly to the right of a student’s name is their class average, or an average of their work across all modules in the class.

You can choose to display grades as in-progress grades or final grades.


In-Progress grades are the average of what the student has completed so far. Uncompleted work is not factored into your students’ grades with this view.

This will change the view of all grades in your gradebook.

Final Grades

Final grades display the average grade, counting uncompleted assessments as zeros.

See the dramatic difference in the first student’s grade for the module Getting Started with Microsoft Office? Because the student has uncompleted work in this module that is counted as zeros, this may not be a good representation of how well they have learned the material.

You can also quickly see if students have completed all of the assessments in a module by viewing the green progress bar at the bottom of each grade cell. 


Worksheet Display 

Worksheet display allows you to choose between viewing only grades, electronic worksheet progress, or both . 


Choosing the Grades option will display only grade information for assessments, across your gradebook. No information about worksheets will be visible. 

This display option is helpful if you are using printable worksheets instead of electronic worksheets.


The Worksheets option shows you how many electronic worksheets your students have completed in different modules. 

Here's more information about electronic worksheets and how to view your student's worksheet responses.


The Both option shows you each student’s module average grade and the worksheet completion together. 

Quiz Grade Calculation

How you choose to calculate quiz grades for your students will impact how grades display on your Gradebook. You can modify this by clicking Quiz Grades under the Advanced Tools on the left-hand side. 

This option lets you choose how unit quiz grades are calculated.

Learn more on how grades are calculated


Now you are familiar with everything visible on your Gradebook! You can also view individual unit grades for your student. Find out how by clicking the button below.

To continue learning about our system and how to use our curriculum, view Your AES Guide to Success.

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