Endings can often cause stress. Because with endings come all the requirements to bring things to that end. In writing, we need to ensure that the content was understood, tie up any loose ends or add an extra tidbit of information, and of course, we have to develop the closing sentence, the very last your readers will be exposed to. 

It's similar for teachers, you have your students do a final or project to wrap up the content, get that final or project graded, get those grades into your school's grade book for report cards, and wait, you're still not done, you have to submit the classroom budget for what materials you plan to use next year (if it's the end of the school year). Unfortunately, we can't do everything on your to do list, but we can help out! 

Topics in this article: 

  1. Creating a Custom Assessment
  2. Export your grades to your gradebook
  3. Clean up and organize your class list 
  4. Find and restore classes to find those missing grades 

1 . Create a Custom Assessment 

You can create your midterm, final, or other summative assessment using the AES questions or by entering your own into the system! Learn How... 

2 .  Export your grades to your gradebook
Export your students' grade from AES into Excel! Once in Excel, you can take care of any grade weighting, organizing, or other edits before import a CSV file version into your school gradebook. Learn How...

3 .  Clean up your class list
You can remove unneeded classes from your account, recycle classes that you no longer have students for in your classroom but will have new students coming in for, and organize your list into the order you want!
Learn How... 

4 . Restore deleted classes to find data
You can restore a class if you need to grab a grade from a previous semester's class or track down if a student did something in another class! Learn How... 

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