You can view your students’ status in the class at different levels. From a glance at the whole class to one student’s lesson completion status, all this data is right at your fingertips.

In this article, you’ll learn where you can view your students’ status using two different views in AES: 

  • Overview Tab
  • Student Dashboard

Overview Tab

The overview tab contains a chart that shows the current class average status for each student.

Each student earns a class average based on the assessments they’ve completed. A data point shows this on the graph titled “What are the average grades for each student?” 

When you hover over a data point with your mouse cursor, the student’s name and average grade will appear. You can click the data point to go to that student’s dashboard to learn more about their status.

Student Dashboard

Under each student’s name on the Students tab of your class, you’ll find a wealth of information about a student’s status under their dashboard for the class. 

It’s important to note that this information is only related to the class that you’ve currently selected. If you want to see how a student is performing in a different class, you’ll have to view their dashboard in that class. 

On each student’s dashboard, three sections below the Student Details host different types of data on the student.

  • Assessment Status
  • Recent Work
  • Recent Activity

Assessment Status
The Assessment Status section displays all the quizzes, tests, and exams you have in your class. The assessments are grouped by module.  
The Assessment Status section shows you: 

  • The assessment title
  • The assessment status
  • The student’s progress in for that assessment
  • The student’s grade for that assessment
  • Viewing more information about that student’s progress in a module
  • Resetting an assessment for a student

With this information, you’ll be able to see where a student is succeeding and where they’re running into trouble. 

Recent Work
The Recent Work section shows you:  

  • The date a student completed a quiz
  • The module’s name
  • The quiz name
  • The grade
  • An option to view more information
  • An option to reset the quiz for the student

You can also select the “View Detailed Grades” option in the upper-right corner of this section to see a student’s status on every lesson in your class. 

Learn more about the Lesson Status view.

Recent Activity
The Recent Activity section shows you a timeline of a student’s activity, including:

  • When the student has logged in
  • When they’ve started a lesson
  • When they’ve started an assessment 
  • When they’ve handed in an assessment
  • When they’ve logged out
  • And more!

 Each action is timestamped in this activity log, so you have a 100% accurate record of your students’ activities in your class. 

Teachers use this log to track a student’s activity in the digital curriculum or look to see if they have completed a specific assessment and when! 

Learn more about Student Activity.

Grades are also a big part of your students status.
Want to learn more about how to view student grades? Click on the button below.

To continue learning about our system and how to use our curriculum, view Your AES Guide to Success. 

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