This article provides an overview of the following topics:

  • Create an exam from our pool of questions

  • Create an exam with custom questions

  • Copy an exam to another class

Create an Exam from Our Pool of Questions

Use the Automatic exam type to create an exam and choose specific modules to be included.  

This option will select predefined questions from the AES question bank and add them to your exam.

Here's how to create an automatic exam.


Create an Exam with Custom Questions

You can also create exams using your customized questions. 

This feature can be used for your entire class or to accommodate the testing needs of a student with an individualized education program (IEP).

Here's how to create a custom exam.

Copy an Exam

After you create an exam, you can add it to other class periods using the Copy Exam button. 

 If you are scheduled with multiple periods of the same class use this great feature to save time. 

Here's how to copy an exam to another class.

Congratulations! You are now prepared to create custom assessments for your students.

To continue learning about our system and how to use our curriculum, view Your AES Guide to Success.

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