You have many ways to manage the curriculum in your classes, but what about the students? Our system makes it easy to address various student questions and issues. 

In this article, we'll cover these student management topics:

  • Student Search
  • Student Sign-In Issues
  • Move Students
  • Remove Students

If you have multiple classes and you’re trying to find a student to make account adjustments or see their status, the fastest way is to use the student search feature.

The search bar is available on each tab once you’ve opened a class.

Clicking See all results... from the search bar will return any enrolled students from your school or district, including students in other teachers’ classes if applicable. 

In the screen capture above, you can see the search results are comprehensive! The results even include any student login credentials (Email/ID) that match your search terms.

Directly from these search results, you can add a student to your class or view the student's dashboard, but you can’t remove a student from another teacher’s class.


Student Sign-In Issues

Students occasionally need help signing in. These are three common scenarios you may encounter:

  1. Your student forgot their password or used an incorrect password.
  2. Your student has entered an email address that is not registered.
  3. Your student has multiple student accounts.

For any of these scenarios, you can quickly assist students that are unable to sign-in by editing student credentials.

Forgotten Password or Incorrect Password

When a student gets this message, they’re somehow using the wrong password to log into AES. 

Email Address is Not Registered

When a student gets this message, the student likely made a typo in their username or email address.

It’s also possible they did not type in the same username/email used when they enrolled in your class.

There are two ways to help your student resolve this error message:

  1. Have your student retype their login credentials, username/email and password, making sure nothing is automatically filled in because it was saved to the web browser. 
  2. Verify the username/email the student is using against what is on the Students tab

The Username/Email column displays what each student used to enroll in a class. If there is an error here, this can be corrected easily. 

Learn how to Edit Student Credentials.

Student with Multiple Accounts

If you have a student that doesn't see all of their completed work, it might be they have multiple accounts. Or, you may have found duplicate student accounts in your Student Roster

Resolving this issue requires assistance from our Customer Success team! Please reach out for immediate assistance using the purple chat icon at the lower right-hand corner of your screen.


Move Students

The first few weeks of a new semester can involve students transferring in and out of your classes or moving from one class period to another. 

You can move students (and their work) from one class to another with the Move Student feature. 

NOTE: In order for a student's work to follow the student, you must use the Move Student feature. 

Here's an in-depth article: Move a Student to Another Class.


Remove Students

You can also remove a student from your class with a few clicks.

NOTE: Removing a student from a class will not delete the student account permanently, and it will not affect any other classes they are enrolled in.

If you do not want the student's work to follow the student, then simply have the student enroll in the new class and remove the student from the original class.

Here's more detailed information: Remove a Student from a Class.

Now you’ve learned ways to manage students and correct common student issues!

To continue learning about our system and how to use our curriculum, view Your AES Guide to Success.

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