There’s no right or wrong way to customize a class, but there are often changes that come up and settings to put in place before your students get started.

In this article, you will learn how to:

  • Add and Remove Modules 
  • Modify Class Settings 
  • Copy Your Class

Add and Remove Modules 

Sometimes even a "perfect" course needs adjusted. Sometimes you don't know what a perfect course looks like until after you've created it. And sometimes, you need to add and remove modules on the fly during the semester. We make it easy to add and remove content from your course. 

See a detailed how-to: Add, Rearrange and Remove Class Assignments

Modify Class Settings

You can customize every class with the advanced tools found in the left-hand menu bar.  

Quizzes and Tests:  We know teachers need a variety of ways to measure student progress, learning and improvement. These settings let you enable pre-tests, show specific assessment feedback, provide multiple quiz attempts, and more.

Learn additional information about quiz and test settings.

Student Pacing: These settings save you time by letting you automate student access actions you would otherwise manually adjust in our system, i.e. opening and closing modules, units and assessments. 

Learn more about how pacing works.

Student Worksheets: By default, the student worksheets are printable PDFs your students will complete by hand. You can change this setting to have students complete electronic worksheets online. Check the box on this page to turn on this feature.

Plan on grading student responses on the electronic worksheets? Learn more in our article about reviewing your student responses.

Copy Your Class

While class settings are applied to classes individually, you can copy a class! This is great when you are teaching multiple periods or sections of students. Copying a class will create an exact copy, including all the learning modules and class settings you have put in place.

You can copy your class on the My Classes tab or on the Overview tab.

My Classes Tab

Overview Tab

When you click the Copy button, a pop-up will provide you a way to rename the copy of the class. 

Your class is now customized to your needs, with modules added, settings in place, and copies created for multiple periods. Ready to enroll students? Click the button below to learn how! 

To continue learning about our system and how to use our curriculum, view Your AES Guide to Success. 

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