One of the biggest reasons that we created the New User Interface for you was because we were running out of space! 

We wanted to add more features that were requested and would save you time! 

But where would we put them?? The answer was to create something entirely new with room to grow! 

Here are five features that you've been asking for that are ONLY in the in the New User Interface: 

  1. Class sharing: Share a class with a teacher who is co-teaching your class! 
  2. New pacing features: Have more control over when your students and move onto new content! 
  3. Generating a certificate of completion for one student: No need to create for the whole class. Now you have options! 
  4. Manually open an assessment for an individual student for a specified amount of time! 
  5. Viewing electronic worksheet questions answered: View the number of questions and which worksheets students have completed at a glance! 
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