We've had teachers comment that some students are inclined to "zoom through" lessons to make a quiz attempt, simply to see the questions and answer options. Then they reset and take the quiz again with that knowledge. 

Here are some tips for trying to get students to slow down a little and focus on the content before taking the quiz.

1. Use the student pacing feature.

This will require students to get each lesson in a unit marked as Completed before they can access the quiz for that unit. For details, see Student Pacing.

2.) Use your Quiz Attempts and Grading settings.

You can use the number of quiz attempts and the grading settings in a combination that you think would work best for your students. And, you can change these settings if students start to do better with their responsibilities. For details, see Quiz Controls.

  • For example, you could change the "How many attempts" setting to "One time," this means students only get one shot to take the quiz. So they should be prepared, aka know the lesson material BEFORE making an attempt. (NOTE: You can always reset their quizzes for them even if you set attempts to One time.)
  • If you don't like the sound of that, you could give students multiple attempts, but change the "How should the quiz grades be calculated" to "Average of all results," which would factor in all their quiz attempts. This setting should discourage them from just taking the quiz to see what questions will be included, as that low grade would be factored into the overall quiz grade.

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