In this article, you will learn how the curriculum hours can help you plan your classes. 

What is a Curriculum Hour? 

We list curriculum hours for each and every module. 

Each hour is based on a 45-50 minute class period, so they are not considered true 60-minute hours. 

Where Can See the Hours? 

You can find the Curriculum Hours before you add the module to your class and after it has been added to your class. 

Typically each unit within in a module will be 1 -2 classroom hours.

If you use the teacher PowerPoints in conjunction with the interactive lessons the unit will take up to 2 classes, if you are only using the interactive lesson it will take about 1 class period.

Keep in mind that these are estimates. It may take a longer or shorter amount of time for your students to work their way through the lessons and other activities. 

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