In this article, you'll learn how to export your students' grade in an excel spreadsheet.

Step 1

Sign in to

Step 2 

On your My Classes tab, select the class. 

For a shortcut to the Grades tab, select the Grades link! 


Step 3 

On your Grades tab, under Advanced Tools in the left-hand menu, select Export to Excel


Step 4

You can select an individual module or All Modules to export. 

When you select All Modules, you will be exporting the module averages, while selecting a module will export the individual grades for that module. 

If you select a single module, you can change the format of the grades to Points or Percentages before you Export.

Step 5 

Click the Export Grades to Excel button. It will automatically download. 

This allows you to edit and organize your students' grades how you need them before importing the final grades into the grade book! 

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