In this article, you will learn how to create Student Certificates of completion for your students. 

Step 1 

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Step 2

To create the certificates, select the class.

Step 3 

Click on the Grades tab of your class. 


Step 4 

In the left-hand menu under Advanced Tools, click Create Certificates.

It's important to note that certificates will only generate for modules that are completed. If you want to exclude an activity, unit, or assessment, you can remove them prior to running the certificate report. Here's how to determine whether or not a module is complete: 

Step 5

Choose a minimum grade percentage for a certificate.

Step 6

Choose All modules, an individual student, or an single module.

Step 6 

Click the Generate Certificates button.

Step 7 

Click the Open PDF button.

Step 8

Print or Save the certificates for your students.

Student Certificates are a great way to reward students for their hard work in your class.

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