Wondering if you can use AES to assign a midterm or final exam to your students? The Create an Exam feature is the perfect solution!

In this article, you'll learn how to create an exam in the AES system.

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Step 1

Sign in to learn.aeseducation.com

Step 2

On your My Classes tab, select a class.

Step 3

Click the Assignments tab. 

Step 4

In the left-hand menu, under the Advanced Tools section, click Create an Exam. 


Step 5 

Give your assessment a Title

Step 6

Determine which Exam Type you want to use - Automatic or Custom.

Automatic: This option will automatically generate an exam with AES questions. For an automatic exam, you will need to enter the number of questions and which modules the questions should pull from, as shown below:

Custom: This option allows you to manually pick the questions for your exam. When you first create this type of exam, it will be empty. Click Add Questions to add specific questions from the AES question pool or to create your own unique questions:

Want to make additional changes to your exam after first creating it? Here's how:

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