In this article, you'll learn how to: 

  • Create an Exam 
  • Edit an Existing Custom Exam 

Create an Exam

Step 1

Sign in to

Step 2

On your My Classes tab, select a class.

Step 3

Click the Assignments tab. 


Step 4

In the left-hand menu, under the Advanced Tools section, click Create an Exam. 


Step 5 

Give your assessment a Title


Step 6 

Choose Automatic or Custom for the Exam Type

Automatic- Decide the total number of questions and which modules the questions pulled from. Click the Create Exam button when you've chosen all the modules you would like to cover.

Custom- Choose or create each question after you click the Create Exam button. Continue to the Edit an Existing Custom Exam section to learn how to add questions to your exam. 


Edit an Existing Custom Exam

Step 1 

On the Assignment tab, you can select the Exam title from the module list. 


Step 2

Choose each question or create your own by selecting the Add Questions button.  


Step 3 

To add a question you will select the +, or you can create your own question. 

If you need to administer your custom exam to multiple class periods, you can copy your exam to those classed. Click the button below to learn how!

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