In this article, you’ll learn how to:

  • Enroll students with an enrollment code 
  • Manually enroll students yourself

Self-enrollment is the more common method. 

Self-enrollment using an enrollment code 

Each class has its own unique enrollment code. When you give this enrollment code to your students, they can add themselves to your class without you doing all of the work yourself.

It takes about five minutes for students to enter the enrollment code and enroll in your class for the first time.

Please note that there are two ways to enroll students with an enrollment code, you can have them type in their username/email and create a password, or if they have Google accounts, they can use the Google Single Sign-On button. You'll need to decide which options you would like to use before you give your students instructions.

Here’s how to enroll students with a class's enrollment code: 

Step 1

Select the class that needs students enrolled.

Step 2 

From there, navigate to your Students tab. Then, select Enroll Students from the left-hand menu. 

Step 3 

In the student self-enrollment box you will find your class’s unique enrollment code. 

Step 4 

Give this unique five-character enrollment code to your students. 

(Images are a sample and do not contain an existing enrollment code.) 

Step 5

Direct students to and have them create a new student account if this is the student's first-time enrolling in AES.

If your students have previously created an account, they will first sign in and then enter the class enrollment code. 

Step 6

Have your students enter the enrollment code and fill out the subsequent form to create their account. 

Once they enroll, students will appear in the appropriate class’s student roster page. From here you can opt to close enrollment to prevent duplicate enrollments. 

This is the most common way teachers enroll students in a class. But you also have a second option if this doesn’t work for you. 

Manual Enrollment

You can also enroll each student in your class manually. 

This is perfect for adding a new student to your class or creating a class that only includes a handful of students. 

Here's how you can manually enroll your students:

Step 1 

Select the class in which you will enroll the student. 

Step 2 

From there, select the Students tab. 

Then, click Enroll Students on the left-hand menu.

Step 3
Click the Enroll Student button in the Manual Enrollment box.

Enter the student's username or email address. 

Step 4 

After selecting the Next button, you can enter the student's name and create a password for them. 

Step 5

Select the Finish button. 

You’ll be taken to that student’s dashboard in your student roster. You can always access this page from the Students tab. 

You can now give your student the credentials you created for them! 

You’ve successfully enrolled students in your class! 

Once you have students enrolled, you may need to know how to manage your students’ accounts. Learn 4 common student management scenarios with the button below! 

View Your AES Guide to Success 

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