We developed this module in stages, making sure each lesson will benefit your students and increase their aptitude for typing! With that in mind, we started with the basics and worked our way through at the stops of typing. 

What's in this module? 

This module is structured a bit differently than our other modules. Eight lessons, a quiz, and a game are included in this module as well as a Keyboarding Reference Guide. 

Here's how it works: 


We have introductory level lessons that introduce the correct way type, correct posture and accuracy.  

  1. Proper Computer Posture
  2. Home Row
  3. Top Row
  4. Bottom Row
  5. Capital Letters
  6. Punctuation
  7. Numeric Row
  8. Symbols

Practice activities 

At the end of each lesson, we offer practice activities for students to hone the skill they just learned in the lesson. How do these activities work? 

These activities will be scored, but they will not show the words per minute. Not showing the words per minute takes a way the pressure of needing speed so that the students can focus on accuracy.  

How are they scored?

  1. 20 points for a correct letter
  2. 100 points for correct word 
  3. -10 points for something wrong  


The quiz is summative for the 8 lessons. Because there is currently only the one unit in this learning module, there is no module test. Students will need to complete this quiz before they can complete with the game. 


We decided  to include a game in this module, not only to make it more fun, but also to give the opportunity for more practice in this necessary skills. 

How does the game work? 

The game will show both scores and the word per minute that a student types. The student's results will then be recorded to a leaderboard where they can see other student's scores and gain some competitive spirit! 

How is the game scored? 

  1. 20 points for a correct letter
  2. 100 points for correct word 
  3. -100 points for waiting too long and getting shot by a ship or for making a mistake. 
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