NOTE: This feature is only found in the HealthCenter21 packages.

The Daily Knowledge Challenge is a popup that will appear once a day when a student logs in and offers 10 challenge questions for the student to answer. 

The topics the challenge covers include Medical Terminology, Anatomy and Physiology and Pharmacy Tech. These topics have the most vocabulary and concepts to learn and therefore may need more practice. 

How can the challenge be used? 

  • Refresher for an advanced class.
  • Precursor for a class who has yet to cover those topics. 
  • Extra Practice! 
  1. First, turn it on! 
  2. Then, select which your question topics. 


Where do you find the students' challenge results? 

Notes on the Quiz Challenge Leaderboard: 

  • The Leaderboard resets each week and it takes an average of all the students' scores from all attempts for the week.
  • The scores are determined by grade. If two students have the same grade the ranking is random.
  • It will only list the first name of the student for privacy purposes. 
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