As the end of a semester nears, things get a little hectic, and the last thing you want to the think about is the next. However, if you take a few minutes now, getting started in the fall will become that much easier. 

What can you do to "clean up" at the end of the school year and be ready to start right off the bat in the fall? Well here's a few suggestions for you... 


One way to clean up your account is to archive any courses that you no longer need. That way, when you're ready to start up again, only the courses you still need will be in your course list. Any course that you archive can also easily be restored in case you ever need any of that course's data.
Learn how to archive your courses here 


Another way to prepare for the start of a new semester is to duplicate any course that you may be teaching again. Although it is possible to remove students from a course and have another set enroll in that same course, we recommend that the duplicate and archive original feature be utilized instead. When you duplicate and archive original, you will not be removing any students or grades, but rather putting that course into a safe space just in case you need those grades in the future. If you remove students, then their grades are removed as well, unless they are re-enrolled in that same course. By using the duplicate option, you can "recycle" your course.
Learn how to recycle your courses here  

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