Some of you teach one class of 20 students. (If that's you, you can probably move on to another article, as this one likely won't help you.) Others teach EIGHT sections (we're not joking) of the same class. While we can't make four of those sections disappear, we CAN make it easier for you to get set up for the semester. 

What actually happens when you copy a class? 

When you copy a class, you are creating a new course that contains the same curriculum and settings as the original course. It will NOT contain any students or their grade data. Because it is a new course, it will have a new enrollment code for that sections' students.

NOTE: Any settings changes made to the original course after creating a copy will NOT be translated to the copied courses.

Here's how to Copy a Class:

  1. Sign in.
  2. On the My Classes tab, find the class you want to copy and click Copy.

3. Enter a New Class Title.
4. Click Create a Copy.

5. The newly copied class will be available on the My Classes screen.

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