There are several situations where you might want to allow an individual student into an assessment while keeping the rest of the class blocked. 

If you use student pacing features (NOT available for Business&ITCenter21 Starter package users), if a student is unable to complete lessons in a unit, you may want to allow that student to take the quiz anyway.

You may want to allow an absent student into an assessment that has already been closed.

You may want to allow a student with an IEP into an assessment early to allow extra time.

Regardless of the reason, the ability is at your fingertips!

Here's how to allow an individual student into an assessment:

1.) On the My Classes tab, choose a class.
2.) Click the Students tab.

3.) Find and click the student's name.

4.) Choose the Assignment under the Assignment Status section. You may need to scroll to the section. 

5.) Click (Open) to the assessment you would like manually opened for that student.

6.) Choose how long to have the assessment Open for and click Open.

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