You can check up on your students and see how much time your students are spending on AES. Check it out! 

P.S. This is also a great report to send home to parents about how their students are spending time! 

  1. Sign in as a teacher. 
  2. Navigate to the class you would like to check the time online. 
  3. Select the Overview tab and on the left, select Reports. 

4. Next, you'll select the VIew Student Time Online. 

5. Now you can select the range of time you would like Export to Excel!

6. You can choose if you want to export this data for All of your classes or for just a single class. 

7. After selecting the class, you can Generate Report. It will auto-download in your browser to Excel. 

8. The Excel file will have the student's names with the total time spent online and the time in minutes! 

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